Phillips Valuation & Consulting, LLC

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Phillips Valuation provides commercial real estate valuation and consulting services, largely throughout the state of Wisconsin. We are experienced in the valuation of industrial, office, retail, multi-family residential, mixed-use, hospitality, institutional, and special purpose properties, among others.
From a consulting standpoint, each project is different. We help lending institutions, investors, and other market participants with financial modeling, sensitivity analysis, market forecasting, acquisition strategies and planning, repurposing of real estate, and a myriad of other issues that may arise.

With an extensive record of proven efficiency, Phillips Valuation & Consulting is committed to providing the highest level of service and appraisal reports that meet each client’s specific needs. We are certified members in good standing with local and state regulators as well as industry leaders, and are fully insured against all liability.  For more info, click here or call  (715) 218-8499.